Hide and Seek is a short film that speaks to the societal challenge that women, and especially women of color, endure every day. To look in the mirror and to hope to see a face other than your own. One that is closer to what magazines, television and movies define as beautiful or even normal. What face do you see when you look in the mirror?

Lia Chang stars in Hide and Seek, a film she co-produced and co-wrote with Garth Kravits, who is also featured in the film. Hide and Seek was named among the top ten films of the Asian American Film Lab‘s 72 Hour Shootout -Two Faces – Filmmaking Competition, and Lia received a Best Actress nomination for her starring role. Garth shared camera operator duties with Evan Daves, composed the original score with Tyler Kent, directed and edited the film. The cast also includes Evan Daves and Alicia Manns.

What people are saying about Hide and Seek.
“Your award was so well-deserved. You and Garth made a stunning movie that drew on so many things you know, and was therefore filled with truth and beauty. Not to mention, that it was deeply satisfying to see you in front of the camera — again.”
Tony award winning playwright David Henry Hwang, 72 Hour Shootout Judge

“I think that at some level, all people of color can relate to it. Hell, not just people of color…ALL people. The kind of messages about “body type” and “ideal look” that are thrown at us constantly, it resonates across the board.
Filmmaker Aaron Woolfolk

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